Vintage Racing


The world of vintage racing is so different from the way racing is today. These were often wild times when guys and some girls would drive their car to the track, race and hope to be lucky enough to drive home. They certainly didn’t do it for the money or huge sponsorships they did it for the love of the sport, going fast and winning. This was a true family sport when kids were there from the time they were born to adults and many went on to become racers like the Allison’s and the Petty’s. We were lucky to be involved in the sport for many years and have seen the changes along the way. One sad result of this is the days of the low budget teams racing on their own money are gone as the sport has grown and become to expensive.

We have a great friend Dick Fleck who has spent his life both as a racer and press person supporting the sport that he loves. One thing a race fan today can do is spend some time reading or talking to a vintage racer as they have amazing the stories to tell.

The early world of racing is so different yet so exciting and Dick Fleck has been involved since Nascar started racing on the beach in Daytona. He has begun to sell his many years of items that he has collected and we have been listing items for him on Ebay This collection is filled with many unique one of a kind items that any race fan would love. The difference alone between the early program books and today’s are amazing. The cars, the uniforms, helmets, the early tracks  and much more of years gone by are so different from what we see today.

He has written a book on his life and career in racing and it is a great read. We have his autographed book listed on  eBay and it comes with a  CD. This book will give you an insight to what it really meant to be a racer in those early years. 

These are just a few of the items we have listed on Ebay and more are added regularly. You will find unique one of a kind items that would make great additions to any race fan’s collection.


 Racing Items For Sale 



 Here is a nice Press Kit for Harry Gant. These were given out to the press people and contained information about the team, driver, sponsor and often has photos.  This kit is from 1992 and is in good shape.  Harry Gant spent many years in the sport and this is one of the newer items we have listed.



Emerson Fittipaldi was involved in Indy Car racing for many years and here is a press kit from 1989. Marlboro was the team sponsor and this kit contains information on the team, sponsor, driver and great black and white photos.




Here is a 1964 Atlanta Motor Speedway Ticket Flyer and you don’t see many of these around or in this shape.




These are just a few of the listings we have on eBay and we would love to have you stop by and check out all our vintage racing items. 


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