Sand and Sun vs Snow and Ice You Decide


There was a winter storm headed our way in PA and we were headed to Daytona Beach for Speedweeks. This was planned before there was any hint of a blizzard in the works and we had a 7:00 am flight out of Philadelphia. We went down to the airport and it was crazy with people everywhere trying to get earlier flights. This is also Super Bowl Sunday and they were planning the last shuttle launch Sunday in Florida. The airport was closed  by afternoon but we had landed in Orlando at 10:00 am and headed to Daytona Beach for some sand and sun.

After stopping for lunch and getting getting settled to in the condo I looked out on our deck and this is what I saw.

We also had been checking in with family and friends at home and keep hearing words like blizzard, whiteout, snow emergency and a regular update of inches of snow.

The day was cool and breezy and a good day for a walk on the beach so out we went and this was the scene as we watched the waves instead of snow.


By evening the snow had stopped and left 18 in at our house. We have always loved the snow and we know it looks like a winter wonderland there but we am happy to be taking these pictures and not ones of snow.

So as our family members that are at home deal with digging out we will be enjoying the sand and the sun.

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  1. You just see if we let you come back home… LOL we might just have another blizzard so you can’t FIND home.. it will be the big mound of WHITE. ENJOY Yourself….that’s an order..

  2. Kathy Moretti says:

    No snow for us here in CT Deb YA!!! But I am very jealous that you are in Daytona and I couldn`t be there this year..

    Enjoy the Sun. Believe me the snow will still be there when you get home

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