Ironworkers Statue in Daytona Beach


We are here in Daytona Beach and were driving down AIA and saw this truck in a motel parking lot so we just had to stop and it check  out. I never go anywhere without my camera and this is why. 

The sign on it says 1935 Rockefeller Center Iron Workers Lunch Time. The other side says Sergio Funari and it was made in New York City in 2001.

The detail is amazing and it looks like actual clothes and shoes that were used. This is a steel beam these iron workers are on just as they would be in 1935 at lunch time.

There were also 2 signs on each side of the iron workers and here they are.


These last pictures show the detail in the clothes and the shoes from the back. I noticed a lot of things once I got closer like the bottom of the shoe has the rubber sole loose and the tears in the clothes. This looks to be real clothes and shoes that were sprayed.

You never know what is  ahead of you in the road of life and this was one of the times I was very glad to stop and “smell the flowers.” We all need to remember to keep our eyes open and when you see something to take those few minutes to stop and check something out. I bet you will be glad you did I was.

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  1. Suzie says:

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing!


  2. That is amazing! I wonder how the sculptor did that?

    great pictures Deb – better extend your hotel reservation…another one coming tonight/tomorrow and more next weekend… stay there!

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