Yard Sale Adventures


Today was another beautiful day here and yard sales were at everywhere. I try to plan as much of my day as possible using the newspaper and also stop at as many as I can. I have always looked at each new yard sale as a new adventure and you just never know what you might find. I like many are usually on a mission to find things to resell but I do keep an eye out for things for just me. I seem to bring home much more that is to be sold but there are still bargains to be found for things I plan on keeping. Today was no exception and one of the first things I found was a pair of new Wolverine Work boots for my husband and 3 great Betty Crocker Cookbooks for me. I know I should probably sell those cookbooks but I love to try new recipes and these are going to stay at my house.

Last week I found a really cute Christmas Blow Mold Elf and brought him home. I love Christmas and so I looked at him for a few days and was really tempted to keep him but decided to list him. You can see him here and I am hoping he finds a home sooner then later or he just might be staying.

Christmas Blow Mold Elf

He is so adorable and even though it is 90 degrees here today he still makes me think of Christmas. He lights up and actually has red bulb inside but that could be changed to white also. He does give off a cute glow with the red.

I think we all know what fun it is to go on a hurt for items to sell and I know I just have to remember to keep listing all this interesting items once I bring them home.

What treasures have you found at your yard sales?

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