New Star Trek Magic Slate


I have another rather unique item listed for sale for a Star Trek Collector. I was again working on a house clean out and found quite a few vintage Star Trek items including magazines, photos, flashlight, models etc and in the box was a new Star Trek Magic Slate. There are many people that will remember playing with these as a kid and since they are made of cardboard many did not last that long after a lot of use. This item is still new and has the pen sealed at the top. The date on this is 1978 and includes a 59 cent cost at the time. I have searched and really haven’t seen one of these offered anywhere and now have this listed for sale. This measures 13″ x 8″ in size and is made by Magic Slate. The fact this is new and rare makes this a very unique Star Trek collectible to add to your collection.

Buy Now On Ebay

Buy Now On Ebay

We all have so many items we had as children growing up and no longer have today. These items bring back  memories for us and our kids and grand kids also.
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