New Pottstown PA Jigsaw Puzzle


This is an interesting item that would make a nice Christmas Present for someone who lives or has lived around the Pottstown PA area. I am involved in doing house clean outs in our local area and this was found in one of the boxes among many other treasures. This was a house that the people were in their 80’s and downsizing. I spent quite a few days there picking up items and also listening to quite a few stories they were willing to share. He was a member of our local rotary club and they had these made as a fund raiser. He explained all the work it took to get local businesses involved and the cost to them and I learned a lot. This puzzle was made in 1990 but today these streets look somewhat different. The interesting thing is what businesses are there and what ones are gone.  I had never seen these before and I know they were only made in a limited amount and to find a new one is a treasure.

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Buy Now On Ebay

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