Have you Thought about Your Weaknesses?


Often it is hard to think about having any weakness but we are all human and so of course we have them as well as strengths. There is no right or wrong answer to this question but helping to know your weaknesses as well as your strengths can help you become a better business person. I think taking the time to look at both your strengths and weaknesses is important to any business owner and it will help you improve.

I know myself that being a morning person is a strength but doing important jobs at night is a weakness of mine. I have decided that after dinner is the end of my working day that includes listing and packing for that reason. We all make mistakes at times but I have a greater chance of making a mistake such as sending the wrong item to the wrong person if it is late at night. The fact that I know that helps me to avoid those problems and wait until the next day to pack and ship.

This is just one small example of a weakness and no one can really answer that question except for yourself. I think it is always good to take a few minutes at times and look at our self it will help both your business and your life.

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  1. John Ziemba says:

    I would say that one of my weaknesses is the ability to quickly get in over my head when attempting a task. One grows into another, and another and so on, until I’m in the deep end of the pool and my feet no longer touch bottom.

    But, having experienced this umteen times, I know that once I’;m in the deep end, it doesn’t matter how much farther I go, cause it’s all deep water. So my weaknesses can become a strength, and as long as I have friends to call on for help, then God’s blessing kicks in and I prosper.

    We all have to know ourselves and we can do. But it’s more important to challenge ourselves and be willing to jump in the deep end so we can grow and succeed.

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