Do you remember Evel Knievel and his Daredevil Stunts?


Evel Knievel The Daredevil

This man was considered an American Icon when I was growing up and very exciting to watch when he was attempting a stunt. The show Wide World of Sports was on for many years and in 1974 he attempted to Jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho and that earned him the number one spot on that show. What thrill to watch him on TV and even more exciting to see him come to a local race track to perform.

August 16, 1970 he was at Pocono Raceway for a performance and this is the original advertising flyer from that event. They put on numerous motorcycle races at the Pocono track and he was at one of the races to perform one of his amazing stunts. The flyer is not dated but after searching I found a time line of his jumps and Pocono Raceway was listed on this date.

Vintage Advertising Flyer


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