Items I have sold on Cheapcycle


I have used Cheapcycle quite a bit and sold many items from small shippable things to pieces of furniture. I had many people pick up their items but there are also quite a few willing to pay shipping for something they really want and I am happy to offer that option.

We often need to think outside the box when sales are slow and this is one way to add to your sales. These items that I have listed on Cheapcycle are not something I would list on my online venues but they made me money on Cheapcycle. You can find more informantion about Cheapcyle in my earlier post and see how easy it is to set up and use. I have listed thing there that have not sold and end up donating them but overall I have been happy with sales using Cheapcyle.

I made a quick slide show of 10 items that I have sold on Cheapcyle and some have been shipped and some were picked up.

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