Fall is Blogging Season To Me



I love fall and this picture is a perfect example of a beautiful fall day in PA. What does fall mean to you? To me it means the leaves change colors, cooler weather, sweaters and sweatshirts and blogging. That does sound like an odd combination when you read blogging but let me explain.

I love all the seasons but spring and summer are always so busy and I spend so much time outside. Then fall arrives with cooler nights and it starts getting darker earlier so I spend more time indoors. We eat dinner much earlier and I have an evening ahead of me so more time to relax and blog. That is why to me fall is blogging season.

I sell on eBay and write about my vintage collectible items on my other blog and my friends and I post on a  group blog.

So what does fall mean to you?

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  1. So true, we can slow down a bit with less outside jobs. Comfort food and holidays to look forward too. Not to mention Q4 is my favorite time to sell.

  2. Book Corner Cafe says:

    So True life seems to slow down a bit and we can enjoy all the other things you mentioned.

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