eBay Store Inventory Large or Small?


eBay stores have been around a long time where items could be listed and left for the right buyer. The low fees allowed many to keep hundreds if not thousands of items in inventory.

The world of online selling started changing and Amazon came in to the picture with no up front listing fees which was quite unlike eBay. This format quickly caught on with sellers saving a lot of money on listing fees. I loved this because you could list items and let them sit without paying monthly fees.  A word of caution here Amazon and eBay are totally different and you need to learn how to sell on each one.

I have had an eBay store for a long time and seen many changes to that format. There are 3 different types of stores with different prices and also fees to list.  They each have both good and not so good points and each person has to evaluate their business to see what works best for them.

I have always wanted a small inventory and one that sold instead of having a huge inventory that sat waiting for the one right person to come along to buy. I think as time goes on and more and more people sell more and more items online it is harder to do that consistently.  There is more compition for every dollar spent online, more places to buy items and less people buying.

What do you think is a large or small eBay inventory the best for you and your business?




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    Hi Brittany: I am looking to share a room also. I alreday have a room reserved for Thursday and Friday and would be open to sharing it with you. Let me know. Thank you, Annie

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