Complete Set of Help Me Be Good Books


I have listed the complete set of Help Me Be Good Books by Joy Berry. This is a wonderful set of books to help your child learn life lessons and they can be read over and over again. These books are written about such topics as Being Bossy, Being Careless, Being Lazy, Cheating, Showing Off and much more. Each single book takes a topic and deals with the issue and and helps the child understand the right way to do things. The complete set of books is 29 books and the set I have listed is in very good condition.

Today the job of a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle etc is not easy and this set of books will help to make your job a little bit easier. Children all need to be taught these life lessons and what better way to share and discuss them with the help of these books. These can be read with your child or they can read them and it can open a dialogue about these issues that might not be easy to talk about.

This set of books is in very good condition and can be shipped a variety of ways to save you money or to get them their quickly.

Purchase These Here On Ebay

Purchase These Here On Ebay

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