My Flea Market Find


I love to go to yard sales and flea markets as many do and I had to share this find with you. I actually wasn’t planning on going to this one and since it was almost lunch time I thought all the good things would be gone but off I went. This was a local church flea market with a lot of tables set up and so I started to browse. I picked up a few things but nothing special and figured that I was right all the good stuff had been gone. I learned a long time ago to look in boxes and under things and I was almost at the end when I saw a box with purses on the top. I picked them up to check and found 4 black rotary dial phones inside.  You don’t see many of these anymore and so I asked how much and immediately paid and took them with me.

Many people today have no idea what this type of phone is but I  grew up with these in my house. They always sat on the desk with a phone book nearby and you could hear that ring all over the house.

One nice thing was if the electric went out the phone still worked unlike today’s phones with answering machines or cell phones that have to be charged.

There also was not a lot of privacy when you were on that phone if a family member was in earshot especially a sibling.  I can remember the joy of getting a cordless phone that I could actually take in my room and talk in private. Cell phones today have given us that privacy but for some reason many people will sit anywhere and discuss many private matters and do not care who hears.  Things change but in some ways stay the same.

I am planning on  hooking one up to use since I love vintage things. I won’t be giving up my cell phone any time soon but thought this would be nice in our spare room that includes my great grandmother’s bedroom set, family heirloom quilt and other assorted treasures from my past.  This black rotary phone looks like it belongs there and I am happy I headed to that flea marked.

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