Why I became an OSI Rock Star



Have you been selling for a long time online? Are you happy with your success? Have you ever considered a paid membership site? I know I have been selling online since 2003 and had often asked these questions and was never really sure if a paid site was really worth the money. I learned by joining free groups, reading boards on eBay and other places and truly thought I was doing good. I had sales, moved to more venues, have great feedback and overall happy with how things were going.

Then a good friend of mine kept telling me that OSI Rock Stars was the site she would join if she had the money. Now my friend Beth who is a Power seller and sold for more years then I did got me thinking. You can check out her store Depressionglasswarehouse and see she knows what she is doing.

So I saw that OSI Rock Stars  has a free newsletter and I signed up for that and was intrigued. There are also sneak previews on the site you can check out for free. I also talked to Beth and a few other people and decided to sign up and see if there was anything new I could learn.

I know now that I was wrong in thinking that I didn’t need a paid site to help my business. I was absolutely amazed with the hours of information, message boards and even personal answers from Janelle that Rock Stars  are given. I am still learning and there is not a day that goes by that I do not learn or put to use something I have learned from being a Rock Star. You can join monthly or yearly and as a member you have full access to all the information included before joining. 

 You can follow me and Sign up to be a Rock Star today. I know it is the best thing I ever did.

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  1. Beth says:

    Deb. you’ve learned so much and moved so fast, that you’re amazing me! You DO GREAT!!! I’m so glad we all made it intogether – you me, kat and Melinda. Next year will be even better cause we’ve learned so much!


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