Why do Ebay’s Non Paying Bidders Keep Buying?


I’ve been noticing a trend on Ebay with people buying my items and then failing to pay.  I was wondering if it is happening to other people or am I just unlucky.

I have been selling on Ebay since 2003 and during the time I occasionally had a non paying bidder and the important word here is occasionally. The last few months with all the changes happening I have seen weekly occurrences of this and it is getting frustrating to say the least.

Ebay has made it easier to file and receive our fees back which certainly helps but I wish something could be done to stop it from happening. They also have an assistant you can set up to deal with this issue automatically but I would rather not have it happen.

I also understand that we can use immediate payment on our items but that doesn’t work with Best Offer.  I sell many one of a kind collectible items and use Best Offer with good results. The immediate payment doesn’t work when they win an auction either.

I know some of this is part of doing business but I cannot understand why the past few months I have had more of these then I did in the whole last year.

The other amazing thing that I have seen is that many of the non payer’s are not new people with low feedback they are people who should know better.

The only thing  a seller can do now is to wait the 4 days and file then wait for 4 more days so we can close the case and get our fees back and relist. In the meantime this item is no longer for sale.

When you fie the buyer gets a strike so it is important for every person to file and in the mean time I keep looking for ways to stop this from happening.

I welcome any suggestions that will help all sellers to deal with this problem.

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  1. Since Feb 2009 when eBay decided sellers could not leave negatives any more, I have had a 400% increase in NPB. I file, they pay, I mail, they neg. WHY BUY if you don’t want the item enough to pay for it?

    I don’t think eBay does anything to them any more. If they did, several of mine would have not been around to bid on my items.

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