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First I joined OSI Rock Stars and realized how important a paid membership site is to my business. I never thought I would join any group let alone two but I did and realized what I had been missing. Cindy Shebley and Dany Byrne are also Rock Stars and that is how we met. I realized that I needed to focus on making this a business and I needed a website. I have learned some HTML and knew enough to set up a site a few years ago but knew that it was time to pay someone to have it set up right. Dany had a Rock Star Special at the time to set up the site and so I decided to have her do my site.

Cindy and Dany were starting a site called Web Sellers’ Circle and I knew that I wanted to be a part of this site and joined in the beginning.OSI Rock Stars and Web Sellers’ Circle both offer a huge variety of business information for any online seller or online business. I know that if you are reading this far you think this is just a sales post for the group. I am sharing because it often amazes me how I went from never thinking I would ever join a paid site to being a member of two. These two sites have really changed my thinking about online sales and what is needed to succeed in this world today. This is true for both the new seller and the experienced one since the online world is ever changing and these two sites keep me updated on everything I need to know.

Web Sellers’ Circle is running a special this month for their yearly membership. There a few ways to join and right now they are offering a special yearly rate for $125.00. You have full access to video’s, discussion forum and pages and pages of classes and information. Web Sellers’ Circle covers all facets of online selling and you will be amazed at what you can learn to help your business. Any business owner knows they only have a limited amount of time in a day and you will find many short video’s to quickly answer your questions.

A business owner also knows that education is needed and this is a great place to get that online education so take a few minutes and head over to Web Sellers’ Circle and check them out. They offer a variety of options for joining and also a free newsletter and you will amazed at what you can learn there.

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  1. Dany Byrne says:

    Hi Deb –

    Thanks for the kind words about The Web Sellers Circle.

    We do try to add new content several times a week – so there is always something no matter what your business interests are – selling on eBay or Amazon or Bonanzle, creating information products, writing eBooks, etc. The skills you learn in one area will help you in all areas.

    Because I was so tickled to see this review, I want to offer your readers a special gift.

    If anyone is inspired to try out a Yearly Membership by your post – be sure to mention Deb’s name or Book Corner Cafe. In addition to the sale price for the membership, we’ll give you one free, bonus CD – your choice of

    Learn to Sell on eBay
    Amazon 101
    Flip Tips: Taking Great Videos with the Flip Camcorder
    Making Money with the eBay partner Network

    Pick one – your choice – no charge, no postage, no gotchas. Just a thank you to Deb’s readers. Remember to mention her name!

    Web Sellers Circle

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