My Twitter Friends and our Blog Challenge


Here it is day 4 of our blog challenge and a few of my friends are doing this with me. We are working to help each other and also using twitter to share our posts. I love Twitter and am on there every day and have met some wonderful friends. There is a group of us doing the 30 day Blog Challenge together and here are their Twitter names Birdhousebooks, KatsKloset, eBayQueen, Sushiboofay, Udderlygoodstuff and Bookcornercafe.

We decided to do this challenge after Birdhousebooks suggested it and we are so glad she did. This gives us a chance to work on our blogging and share and encourage each other as we tweet our posts. We all know how important social networking is in any online business. Twitter is a great social networking site and I think it is very quick and easy to use and that’s why it works well for me.

It is great reading all the posts and realizing we all have the same goal but we are also very different in our posts. I have found blogging is a very individual thing for each person. We also all use our posts to showcase items we sell, to talk about something that happened in our lives, to teach someone about something the list is endless.

We also all write in different styles I tend to write like I talk and others are experienced writers and last of all we all write in different amounts. I tend to write shorter posts since my time is more limited then some.

You can check out any of my friends and follow their Tweeets and mine as we do this 30 day blog challenge.

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  1. Trish says:

    Great blog article! Thanks for the mention. I am really enjoying the 30 day challenge.

  2. Lesa Antone says:

    I am enjoying the 30-day challenge as well. Unfortunately, I have had pneumonia for the past 8 days, so I’ve had a hard time getting out there and checking out other people’s blogs, but at least have managed to eek out my blogs every day so far (although today’s was simply excusing myself from the world for the day in order to go back to the dr. and then sleep all day)….wishing I was one of those people who write in advance….maybe someday….

    Anyway, enjoy your blog and am now a follower so I can come back and see what great info you have coming up!!

  3. Lesa ~

    #1 Priority — take good care of yourself and be wise about getting over the pneumonia. Don’t “eek” anything out for the whole weekend. You can always catch up. The rule is 30 posts in 30 days. I just completed the last blogging challenge that ended May9th, hosted by Connie Ragen Green. Lots of people joined in midway through and they still finished. You CAN do it! I’ve been a health care professional for over three decades now so don’t make me have to worry about you, okay? 🙂

    Personally, I like your writing style. When it comes to blogging, the best posts are ones that sound like you’re just sitting across the table from someone and listening.

    I’m SO happy that you and some of your Twitter friends decided to join the 30-day challenge. Many wonderful things can and will happen for you. Your blog will get noticed more, you’ll get high quality backlinks from the comments people leave, you’ll have the opportunity to be interviewed as a guest expert (see @Twurzbacher to schedule an interview), and on and on.

    I love Twitter!!


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