Are you Staying Positive with EBay’s New Changes?


The new changes at EBay have been in effect for a short time and is this a positive change? I think we all need to take a deep breath and give these changes the next few months before deciding since we all seem to want instant answers about everything. The time can be well spent looking at your business numbers both before and after the change to get a clear picture of what is happening.

Are your sales up or down from last year or last month? The important question is have you actually looked at those numbers or are you guessing? We all have to remember to look at the whole picture when looking at our numbers and traffic reports from EBay. The seller needs all the facts about their own sales before making those decision since the changes. The worst thing you can do is say my sales are down because of the changes and not really know for sure. The more people you chat or talk on the boards and in groups then all come to the same conclusion about how bad these changes are. The more positive you can stay and really take an objective look at what is going on with your sales the better off you will. The decision to stay or go with EBay should be one made with a clear head and be a business decision not one based on other’s opinions.

The most important thing is how your business is affected by these changes and how you can stay positive. The changes are in place and so now the way to stay positive is to make them work for our business. That may take some time and adjustments on our part but we can all try new things and make this work for us.

The million dollar question is what positive changes are you making to your business model to make EBay work for you?

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