Selling Sites How Do You Choose?


The world of online selling has come a long way in the past 15 or so years and the future holds more changes. EBay was started 15 years ago and it seems like it changed the world of selling online. There were people selling online before EBay but that one word seemed to really set the world on fire and many many people became online entrepreneurs. The early days of eBay certainly were different then the EBay we know today and for many years EBay was basically the only game in town. Over the years that changed and today you can sell on many sites.

How do you decide where and what you sell? Did you sit down and write a business plan before starting your online venture? Are you like many who started to just list things around the house and then it slowly evolved into a business? Or are you like some that had a hobby or were a collector and started to sell extra items to be able to buy more? There are many ways people started online selling and many reasons. There are also both full time and part time sellers.

The years flew by and many have started new sites such as Bonanzle, Ecrater, Ioffer, and the list goes on and on. Are you selling on as many as you can or do focus on a few? Is one way better then the other? I wonder if there is a right answer to that question.

I do know Google has been trying to make sure that one item one feed or they will disallow your whole feed. The question is then is it better to list that item just one place and hope for a sale or to just list everywhere since a sale is a sale? What do you think about this?

I know we will never really know how Google works but playing nice with Google is certainly in a businesses best interests. The next thing I have wondered is if you sell an item on EBay does it really matter if it shows up on Google? Do people search EBay for your item or Google? We have no sure way to know that but it does makes me wonder.

I don’t have any right answers with this post just things for you to think about and do some research on. I have decided for now I sell on Amazon and EBay only and I stress this is what is working for me right now. We each have to do what works best for us and our business.

I have noticed sales picking up this past month and I have been focusing on just these two sites. Is this the best choice for me I think so for right now but all that could change in the future.

So how do you choose where you sell?

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