Do You Sell in A Niche?


I have spent quite a bit of time thinking and rethinking my selling strategy and the one question I keep asking myself is it better to sell in a niche or a little of everything? My first love is books and I sell on Amazon as my main selling venue. I have listed some other items since Amazon now sells many things and have been testing sales slowly. I think even with selling other items I will always be a book seller on Amazon.  I also think since Amazon is so different from Ebay it is easier to be a bookseller and when you list other items you are still a bookseller.

My other selling venue is Ebay I have decided to focus on these two venues and my website rather then sell on a lot of other sites.  Ebay is so different then Amazon although I think they would like to be Amazon when they grow up.  I occasionally list books on Ebay and have never really felt like a book seller rather a one of a kind seller. I am really trying to figure out if this is a good business strategy considering all the changes Ebay has made or if I should look into becoming a niche seller.

I am thinking that if I am not a book seller on Ebay then what am I? I love going to yard sales and finding all kinds of items to sell but I am wondering if I would be better focusing on certain types of items. I have been doing research on Ebay and I saw a seller that sold only cookbooks and they were bringing good money. I saw another seller dealing with ephemera and a friend who found a niche with postcards. I used to think a sale is a sale no matter what it is but there very little repeat business with one of a kind items. I have been thinking more and more about a niche that would bring repeat customers and could also be promoted on my site.

I was thinking of narrowing my niche down to Books, Christmas Items, Craft Kits and Ephemera if I can find a way to tie them together. I am planning on running auctions for the other items to move them out and focus on these categories for the fall selling season. I think it is better to have a niche of some kind and work towards repeat customers so I will be testing this idea out this selling season.

I would love to hear your opinion  if you think it is better to have a niche or sell one of a kind items?

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  1. Jane says:

    I think that selling in a niche is better for repeat business – plus it also makes it easier to find and target your ideal customer.
    However, I am more of a treasure hunter and have had a hard time narrowing down my eBay items to just one or two niches – but I think it would be a good thing to do!

  2. John Ziemba says:

    I consider my niche to be all things collectible that interest me. It’s just not possible, in my opinion, to focus on a wide range. It takes too much time to research/read to gain the expertise you need. I do follow what the market dictates and have eliminated some categories along the way. Most of this has come thru trial and error. Sometimes what I think is a great something turns out to be a bozo, or I discover that I hate dealing in that particular item. So out it goes. But I pick up thru yard and estate sales what catches my eye and what my research tells me will sell. Can’t tell you how. It’s something that happens with experience. You just get a gut feeling.

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