How Do You Search for an Item?


Selling online today is a lot more then just listing an item, selling and then shipping. I think that’s true for most any type of item since there is so much competition today for sales.  I keep hearing that it’s important to know your buyers and just how do we do that? One of the ways we can learn about our customers is to find out how they search for items.

There are two names that come to mind for searches one is Google and the other is on Ebay. You are right they are not the same but I think many people search Google or look on Ebay for an item. The question is do your customers search Google or Ebay or even somewhere else for your items?

People that sell on Ebay have free Traffic Reports that can give you a lot of information. If you are an Ebay Seller you need to check them out and learn from them about your customers. I did an earlier blog post about Traffic reports and I have learned a lot from mine.

Google uses Google Analytics to give sellers a lot of information. These are a bit different then Ebay Traffic Reports but are very useful.  There are many different selling sites today and a lot of them offer Google Analytics to their sellers. You can also set up an account for a website if you want.

To be  a successful online seller I think it really helps to know how people are finding your item. The point of learning this is to target your marketing to where your buyers are.

I know if I am looking for a one of a kind collectible item I will look for it on Ebay first then go to Google. If I happen to be looking for something new I will often look at Google first.

My question today is where to you search for an item?

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