Online Selling Customer Service


Online Selling Customer Service

Online sellers know that customer service is very important to their business but dealing with issues that come up seem to be a bit harder online then in person. Have you ever had a customer have an issue and get frustrated after a ton of emails trying to fix things and still get a negative feedback?

We all have had that happen at one time or another and yet what are your choices? If you had a brick and mortar store it would be a lot easier. They bring the item back and you either give them a refund or explain why you can’t. A quick and simple process in person for most business owners and it usually ends with a happy customer. That is not true in all cases but the majority of the time this works very well.

Online sellers do not have the luxury of face to face contact and that can often start to cause problems. You can’t tell how they are reacting to your email and need to tread lightly when dealing with a business problem online. We also all know most refunds go smoothly with happy customers but oh when it doesn’t it can go from bad to worse very quickly.

We focus on sales, advertising, stock etc all the time but how many have a plan of some type in place for dealing with a problem sale and customer? Do you have a plan for steps on how to deal with this customer that can help you focus on the issue and keep your personal feelings out of the transaction?

Taking a few minutes now to work out a plan including questions to ask, a refund policy, whether to pay return shipping etc can all make that transaction with a difficult customer go a lot smoother.

Take some time now to have a plan in place to deal with this difficult customer and improve your customer service.

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  1. GREAT ideas! Having a plan in place BEFORE things happen always helps!


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