Do You Use Networked Blogs?


I am working on my blog challenge and saw that Networked Blogs is one of the places that can help bloggers. I am already on Facebook and so I went and checked out Networked Blogs. I set it all up and verified myself as the owner. That is very easy to do if you use a wordpress blog. You can also have 10 friends verify you are the owner but that takes some more time.

I found out I can set the Networked Blogs up to post my blog posts to my Facebook page. That is really nice since it will take no extra work from me once that is set up. The other thing you can do is set it up to Tweet it for you. I set it up but I might do that myself. I actually love Twitter and so I always Tweet my own blog posts sometime during the day.

So far Networked Blogs have made it easy for me to set up and get the word out about my posts. I spend more time on Twitter then Facebook at the moment but maybe that will change once I use Networked Blogs more often.

I know we all only have so many hours in a day to spend online and so I like to learn new things one at a time. This blog challenge has helped to expand a bit into new things and I want to learn more about blogging since I enjoy this.

If you are on Facebook you should check out Networked Blogs and see what you think.

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  1. Trish says:

    Great info on Networked Blogs, Deb! Wanted to add that you can make the blog feed go to your Facebook personal page or your fan page, or both, via Networked Blogs.

  2. Kat Simpson says:

    Way to go, Deb – I think Networked blogs is going to make all our work easier to get out there!

  3. Henry Peña says:

    Yes I am… and I just Followed yours! 🙂


  4. DjDaniel says:

    dag mieke,veel succes met de avacdoo. Ik ben nu mijn tweede aan het laten groeien, stel dat mijn ene ziek wordt en er niet goed doorkomt, dan heb ik er nog een andere.Ik zou wel graag een baby pilea van je willen adopteren, ben het nog nergens tegen gekomen.Als je wil mag je van mij ook een plantje adopteren.De tas is al heel goed van pas gekomen : )

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