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If you have been looking for alternate choices of selling venues you should check out Bonanzle. This is a wonderful online selling place as described on the These are the DSRs of our Lives blog. There are quite a few selling venues that can be a replacement for Ebay or used in addition to for the business and casual seller today.

Once you set up your account you are ready to list your items. There is an import tool on Bonanzle to use to move all your Ebay items over but if you use templates they may not look exactly the same. That is really not an issue since Bonanzle is very easy to list on one at a time.

They have made it very easy to list there and it is all done on one page. You will also see new features added to this to make listing a snap and now you are ready to list.

Sign into your account.
Click on the sell Tab
Click on Add item for Sale

You will see a page that has everything on it you need to list and there is even a full page edit option.

Fill out title, pick a category, price, traits, shipping, etc these are all self explanatory.

There are 4 slots for pictures and very easy to upload and they have a quick crop tool to make them fit.

You will see a description box and you can set up your own template here and even use HTML if you prefer. I found the easiest way for me was to type a short description in the top of the box and then copy and paste the simple template I made with my terms.  A paragraph or so describing my item and a few clicks of my mouse to copy and paste and I am done.

When you are done there is a feature at the top of page that will allow you to preview your item before it is listed and you can make any changes at that point. This is quite a handy feature to make sure your listing is exactly the way you want it before going live.

If everything is okay save your item and then the last thing you need to do is update your booth and your item is for sale.

This truly is a very easy process and once you do it a few times you will see it is very fast and straightforward. If you haven’t checked out Bonanzle yet stop over and look around I bet you will be glad you did.

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  1. Marshell Russell says:

    Bonanzle is so simple to use & FUN! I love the folks on Bonanzle…very friendly. I think the sight & the sellers will go far, fast. It has already grown by leaps & bounds. Now it appears they are having an insurgence of MORE folks…the more the merrier!

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