Have You Tried Cheapcycle?


My favorite venue for selling is our local cheapcycle lists and they are very easy to use. In my last post I mentioned how we all need to raise some quick cash for things when our online selling venues are not making enough money.

We all know about local Freecycle lists they are nearly everywhere and Cheapcycle is just the version of Freecycle that anyone can sell on. In my area we have 23 lists that are in my local area and I know some have less then that but there are many of them around.

First you must either have a yahoo account or set one up and it is free. Then you go to yahoo groups and sign in. The easiest way to find the groups is to search by your town, county or state. You can be a bit creative here since I live at the corner of my county I belong to both ones in my county and the county next to me.  Then you have to go through them and join. Some of the groups are moderated and some aren’t but you can read about that group before you join.

It is a good idea to set up a separate folder or email address because some of these groups generate a lot of mail. There are some that don’t have as much email but I have found it better to keep all these groups in one folder.

Once you join and are getting mail it is very easy to post. I stress that is is very important to read what each group expects of their members and how to post. This is important since if you don’t follow their guidelines they won’t let your post go through.

Then you just list your item for sale using their format. I have found most have a format that is like this For Sale Your Item Price Location. Again I stress making sure you check and follow how each group wants you to post. There are some that only allow a certain amount of posts a day and also some have restrictions on what you can post.  It only takes a few minutes to check out the terms when you join and as long as you follow their guidelines you are good to go.

Then writing your post is pretty simple. I describe the item, list that I will ship it if I will, my zip code, I have pictures if someone wants to see them and the options for payment I take. I usually am willing to arrange pick up or ship the item and that just depends on the individual item.

That is all there is to it and then you just have to pay attention to your email replies when someone either asks a question about the item or wants it to arrange pick up or shipping and payment.

I have sold quite a few things this way and there is no fees and no feedback to worry about. My next post will give you an idea of the things I have sold.

Check it out and see if this is an option that can add money in your pocket with very little work. If you  have any questions about using Cheapcyle I will be happy to help answer them.

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