Are You Focused on Getting Your Items Listed?


We all know that now is the time when we should be doing a lot of listing for the fall selling season. In fact we all should have been listing these past few months when selling often slows down but the question is did you? I have been listing but not near enough and these past few months I have also been having sales. There are no complaints there but it does keep my numbers down for a listing total.  I was hoping to hit a goal of 200 items in my Ebay store and often run my items as auctions first before moving them to my store. To my pleasure and surprise my auctions have been selling and I haven’t moved as many items as I thought I would to my store. I am still working towards that goal of 200 and the month is not over yet so there is still hope.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is have we been listing and if not how can we focus on getting those items listed. We all know that things sitting in a box or beside your desk will not make you any money even if it is worth good money. If you know that you need to focus and get down to listing what do you need to do to accomplish that goal?

The one thing that often helps me is to start the day with a list as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. I sell on Amazon as my main selling venue and I try very hard to list 10 items there every day. Listing on Amazon is a lot quicker then on Ebay so getting those 10 up is usually something I can do first thing in the morning.

If you list on Ebay or any of the other venues that take more time planning is the key. I try to find at least an hour or so every day I can work on listings on Ebay. That doesn’t always work out but I try to have auctions running all week long even if most of them end on Sunday night since I seem to be able to get more listing done on Sunday then on other days.

I think being aware of time and staying focused to accomplish what we want to in a day will certainly help get those listings up before the fall selling season. Try making that list and also taking a block of time to list without interruption and see how much you can accomplish.

If you have any tips that could help staying focused I would love to hear them. I am always looking for ways to learn to be more efficient and focused.

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  1. Trish says:

    This is a great post! You are so organized, and I really admire that. I also agree about setting weekly and daily goals. I also do best setting a number of items to list, instead of simply working a set amount of time.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Trish I really try but there are days it is hard to do. I think setting goals really does help me a lot. I think setting a number of listings to get done is a great idea. Thanks

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