How Focused Should a Blog Be?


I have been doing this 30 Day Blog Post Challenge and I am really enjoying it. I have my own site and have this blog on here but had been blogging in a hit or miss fashion until joining in the Challenge. I am really hoping to keep going with this after the challenge is over and wondered just how focused a blog should be? Is there really a right or wrong answer to that? I have been reading more about blogging and many seem to recommend a very focused or niche blog in order to gain readers and make some money. I am wondering if this can also be done with blogs that are not quite as focused.

We all have lives that are not very focused on one topic on any given day. That is just the way life is work, kids, phone calls, errands and minor and major emergencies make up our day.

I had picked the name Book Corner Cafe when I needed a name to start selling on Amazon. Then along came this site and I wanted to have a Cafe Atmosphere here which would involved a lot of different topics. If you go to a Cafe and have a cup of coffee and sit and listen you will hear many different types of conversations and people from all walks of life.

Now the question is does that make for a good blog and many seem to think the answer is no. I understand if you follow a blog you often follow it for the topic and also to learn so is there really room for a Cafe type Blog? I have been thinking about this more since doing this challenge and have mainly focused on Ebay, Online Selling, and business posts. I am using this to ask what you think and wonder if I broaden my topics will that help or hurt my blog?

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  1. John Ziemba says:

    Your blog should reflect you, not only what you sell. A Cafe blog would be a collection of things that interest you and things that interest your buyers. It’s a personal touch that adds depth to you as a seller, and makes you appear more real, a far better ID than an avatar can provide.

    How and what you write about depends upon your business DNA. If your DNA is the written word, then go for it. But always try to focus in on what excites you, because whatever excites you will spark interest in someone else who may not know who you are, but may want to check out what you sell because of this intro.

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