Email Love it or Hate It?


Email is an amazing thing really we sit here at our computers and can send an email all around the world in seconds. Then if they are on their computer also they can send one right back. If you really stop and think about it that is amazing. Does that sentence tell you I grew up before computers? I can remember when I had a lot of pen pals I would write to all over the world. There was such a feeling of excitement when the mailman came to see if I got a letter. Then I would sit and read and re-read that letter as we shared our lives. The next thing was sitting down and writing back and many times those letters would be pages long.

There is no excitement waiting for the mailman anymore all they seem to bring is junk mail or bills unless you pay your bills online. We turn on our computers and type and hit send in the email world. I know how much better in most ways email is but yes some days I yearn to have once a day mail delivery and the joy of reading and writing a letter.

Those days are gone and there are a lot of good things about email but one bad thing is there is so much of it. The other aspect of email is it is constant. Email just never seems to stop and I wonder how many people empty their inbox every day? The bad part is the distraction that no matter what you are doing on the computer or your phone the temptation to check your email is always there. I know we have all said okay 15 minutes of email then I will go do this and do you really only look at it for 15 minutes? If you do that is great and I try my best but we all know how hard that really is.

How do you feel about email do you love it or hate it? I think most of us are somewhere in between it is the best thing in the world on some days and others days it will make us nuts.

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  1. Trish says:

    I love email – I am happy to receive it (especially from friends and relatives). The only thing I don’t like is the volume of email that I receive!

  2. I confess! A lot of email goes into a “dump” folder. Once in a blue moon I’ll scan it but most of the time, I read the topics and hit SELECT ALL – DELETE

    I remember my amazement at the first primitive fax machine I had to use…. now it looks like a stone age chisel in comparison to Twitter and Facebook and instant messaging… ok, back to work for me

  3. Suzanne says:

    Since your in the same group I’m in it’s needless to say, I’m never caught up with email. (LOL)

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