What do you think of the New Ebay Changes?


We have all had a few days to see how the new EBay changes are going to affect us and what do you think? Will this turn into the best thing that EBay has done and will it help sellers and buyers alike? I know many of us cannot really see how this will effect us until a few months have passed and we look at our costs and how our sales are to see if this is going to work. I do think that the changeover happened pretty easy with very few glitches at least that is the way it looks at the moment. I for one hope this is a change for the better and will produce a great marketplace with lots of sales for sellers.

We all had to make a decision on how we would sell on eBay and a major one was to have a store or just sell at auction. I looked at a lot of things before making my decision and decided for now to go with the Premium Store. I will be keeping a close eye on costs and I plan to give it until the end of the year to really see how this works for my business. These changes need some time to really see how this will work for each of us. I do have the option of downgrading to a Basic Store if sales and costs warrant it but I plan to give the changes time to work before doing that.

There is no one right answer for anyone with these changes and it is so important that a seller knows their costs of doing business on this or any other venue.

So I would love to have you leave a comment to hear what you think about these changes and I love hearing and learning both sides of this issue.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I’m with you monitoring how a premium store will play out. I will need more sales to justify the added cost. Crossing fingers core will be the answer, time will tell. Right now numbers are becoming a priority focus.

  2. admin says:

    I agree and think that we all need to really keep an eye on those numbers.

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