Do you use your Ebay Traffic Reports?


We are all dealing with eBay’s new changes and trying to either make them work or move elsewhere. Every online entrepreneur deals with these types of decisions at some point. I have decided to stay with eBay and work to make it a profitable venue for my business. I really want to see eBay make this work for their sake as well as mine as a seller.

Do you know eBay gives you Traffic reports that are filled with valuable information. They offer them for all levels of store owners and Basic stores have a basic version and the Premium Stores have an upgraded version. The important question is do you know where your eBay traffic reports are and do you use them?

For anyone who doesn’t know where they are sign into EBay and go to My EBay. You will see under Manage My Store it says Traffic Reports. You have to remember we all customize our pages a bit differently so you may have to look around a bit to find them. You simply click on the link sign in again and it takes you to the page for the Traffic Reports from Omniture. The next thing to do is play around with it and see all the information that is given to you by EBay. You will be amazed at all the information that is here and how much it can help you as a seller. These Traffic Reports are a valuable tool to help you in your business and should be used and checked regularly.

We all advertise our items on sites like Facebook and Twitter and both versions will show you what sites are sending people to your listings. This is important information if you are spending a lot of time on Facebook putting links and see no traffic you might be advertising in the wrong place.

Remember this is included in the price of your store subscription and these are meant to used and help grow your sales. This is a tool that Ebay has to help sellers and should be used regularly.

Will you be checking your Traffic Reports today?

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