New Ebay Changes March 30 Are you Ready?


The big day for all EBay changes is coming and are you wondering if you are ready? These changes are huge and I hope for all seller’s sake that they will be good ones. These few months have flown by since EBay first announced the changes and now there are only a few days left to make your decisions.  The choices that you make are very important to your online selling career on EBay so you have to ask yourself if you are ready?

Where To Find Help

There are many places to find help including the EBay boards and yahoo or other groups for learning about all the changes. These are free options and offer a variety of information. There are also paid sites that help you keep up with all the information you need and I belong to two OSI Rock Stars and Web Sellers’ Circle. I honestly never thought I would join a  paid site but these two are the best around and helped me grow so much as an online entrepreneur. They have done all the research on all the changes for me so I can make the right decisions for my business.

Decision Time is Here

EBay is now moving all our items into core search and changing what a store is on their site.  The decisions we all must make are whether to have a store or not and if we have a store what level we are going to have. This is why it is very important to have all the current and correct information to make your decision. We need to look at our items, our sales, our sell through rate, our costs and more to make the right choice for us.

There are so many good points to being an online entrepreneur but the bottom line is we need to make money. This takes a lot of time and knowledge to stay in business and yes grow our business in today’s world.

March 30 will soon be here and can you answer yes to the question Are You Ready?

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