Do You Plan Your Day or Just Wing It?


Are you the kind of person who plans their whole day out or do you just wing it? I wonder if you have ever thought about how you approach your day. I am trying to focus on being productive and getting a lot done during the day and have started to plan the day ahead. Often when you work for yourself it is very easy to get sidetracked and lose hours in a day without even a thought.  I am sure you know how it is a friend calls, email needs reading, an errand in the middle of the day and the list goes on of distractions we all deal with on a daily basis. This is both the best and the worst of being a work at home entrepreneur and learning to balance all this is the trick.

I often thought I knew enough to do this myself but have found out there is much to be learned from others. I belong to a wonderful group of entrepreneurs that both encourage and support each other in our businesses. We have a great blog The DSRs of Our Lives where we all post during the month about anything and everything. We also share many ways we do things and I have learned how to better manage my time listening to how others do things.

We are all different in how we approach our business lives and what works for one may not work for another but is is always good to keep an open mind to learn. There are many free and paid sites for learning all aspects of online selling and my two favorites are OSI Rock Stars  and  Web Sellers’ Circle. It doesn’t matter where or how you learn to manage your days and time the important thing is you do it.

I have learned that planning my day (of course it doesn’t always go as planned), keeping focused on my time as work time and minimizing interruptions and learning from friends and paid sites have really helped me to be more productive. I hope this will help you deal with your day tomorrow so you will be more productive.

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