Do You Know Your Strenghts?


A few days ago I posted about knowing yourself and how important it is when you are self employed. I wondered if you have had any thoughts about that statement over the past few days. I know we each are different and so there is no right or wrong answer to this question but one we should all think about.

I know I am a morning person and knowing that would be one of my strengths. I love getting up before the sun comes up to a quiet house, gather my thoughts about the day and set some goals I want to accomplish.

I know I do my best work in the morning and knowing that makes a big difference in my world. I try to do all my listing, packing, and important things early in the day. I am not a night person and so I know that trying to list or pack at night is often just looking for a mistake to happen.

This is important to know these types of things about yourself so you know when you are most productive and focused.

So now it is your turn to think about your strenghts and how they can help you be more productive in your business.

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