How Often Do You Check Your Seller Dashboard on Ebay?


Every Ebay seller knows about their dashboard, DSR’s, TRS and Powersellers and even if you don’t check them all the time we all think about them. I hadn’t checked mine in awhile and was looking at some other things and decided to check. I have 100% feedback and have a lot of great customers so I haven’t really kept my eye on mine lately. Today was the day and I thought I better check. How often do you check your store listings?

I went to my dashboard and saw everything looked about the same and I really didn’t need to worry about anything. I have had some sales and so this is usually a slower time for me anyway so there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. I happened to see the link See what it takes to become Top-rated on your next evaluation. I really didn’t ever pay a lot of attention to all this. I basically list, sell, ship and when I get feedback I leave feedback. I think unless I really saw a problem I wouldn’t check the dashboard to often. I remember when it first came out and I checked it every day for about 2 weeks and decided that would make me nuts. I was better off doing the best I could with listing, answering questions and shipping quickly and let the DSR’s and feedback fall where they would. Don’t get me wrong this is very important but if I am doing the best possible can that is all I really can do.

Okay back to that link if you go to your dashboard and you are not a Top Rated Seller you will see this See what it takes to become Top-rated on your next evaluation so you know I just had to check it out. The next page that come up shows you where you stand for the new buyer protection change that will come in Sept so okay mine looked fine and I closed that little window.

This next page shows you were you stand and I had all green check marks except Bronze Powerseller. That made me think what does it take to be a Bronze Powerseller? Remember I said I basically list, sell and ship and never really thought I would sell that much. If you look at the top yellow box there is a link that says what it takes to become a Powerseller. I was surprised since it takes $3000 of sales in a year and mine was only 200 off of that. I couldn’t believe it and not that I will make that goal this month but it was good to know how close I was.

I did some thinking today and I have 6 more days until my review so I decided to run a store wide sale to see if by chance I can reach that goal. If I don’t I won’t be to unhappy but since I am this close I may have to think about this for the next month and see if I can reach that goal.

So make sure you check out what it will take to be a Powerseller the next time you look at your Dashboard.

You know I just have to add this that if you would like to you can check out my  store listings that are on sale.

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  1. When you look at the “what would it take to become top-rated” there’s another tab there that says DAILY PERFORMANCE. but more important than that even is at the bottom of that chart is a link to “VIEW 12 Month Trending Data”. THAT shows you why, even with enough sales, you might not have qualified for TRS. It shows you all your 1 ratings and 2 ratings for the previous month (which are what is also considered for TRS on the 20th of each month). Now if they would just tell us “why” people gave us a 1 or a 2. I wish they’d make people “explain” that in a comment ebay could forward to us. Would sure help.

    Good luck with your sale!

  2. Kat Simpson says:

    Excellent reminder, Deb – I do try to not obsess but check mine weekly. Thanks for pointing out the other chart area Beth

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