Business Spring Cleaning Plan


What is the hardest thing to do about spring cleaning anything house, business, life? I have always found the hardest thing is to get started or even where to start. This is the time of year to look to spring clean your business, your listings, your template etc and first you need a plan. We all need to find out what works best for us and where to put your plan on paper, on the computer, on a calender, on your phone? There are many choices today and it is not important where you put your plan but that you have one. I know many people have found that keeping it all in their head is not a good option.

So the next few days you need to think about what parts of your business you need to spring clean. Do you have years of listings that should be reevaluated? Is it time for a new look of your template or logo? Has your business focus and items to sell changed? The list goes on and on but if you make small changes regularly to your business you will be helping keep it up to date and you can see where you are headed.

The best place to start is just do it take a few minutes and set up a plan on what should be updated and cleaned with your business. This plan will change with you and time but sitting down and getting something on paper is the first step you need to start getting some spring cleaning done.

I recently had a new business logo made and am very happy with the new look and you can check that out here at my Ebay store.  You should also keep in mind everyone will have a different starting point on their plan and this was mine.

What is yours?

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