Does Your Business Have Friends?


I think every online entrepreneur will agree that growing their business is first and foremost and having a marketing plan in place is very important. We all try to find the magic way to target those customers that will become repeat buyers and recommend us to help our business grow.

In the brick and mortar world we do that in a variety of ways from getting to know our regular customers, frequent buyer cards, word of mouth referrals and many other creative ways to keep our loyal customers from buying from us or using our services.

This concept can be translated to your online business with a few adaptations. We don’t deal face to face but we certainly can get to know our customers. There are ways to use email newsletters, coupon codes for repeat customers, etc to get to know our customers.

There is also an important part of this equation and that would be our online friends. You know who they are special people you met online in yahoo groups, chat rooms, Twitter Facebook etc. These are both friends and business contacts that we don’t think about in that way.

Friends are people who read your blog and comment, retweet your tweets, recommend your business to others and help grow your business without you doing anything. You also do this for your friends and probably have never though about this from a business standpoint.

One way my friends help each other is we have a blog The DSR’s of our Lives
we all write about together. We share our daily life both good and bad and comments. It gets our business name out there, it helps us encourage each other,  we buy from each other and more. We also Tweet our blog and our items and which helps get our business items seen to a larger customer base. Will this alone grow our business of course not but it will help and in the meantime we have made valuable friendship that go beyond just business .

Does your business have friends?

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