Are You Looking for a Good WordPress Book?


WordPress is a very popular blogging platform today and there is both a paid and a free version to choose from. There is also so much information out there today it is hard to know where to start or where to turn to learn anything.

I found a great WordPress Book that covers both the free and paid version and highly recommend it. This WordPress Book can be used by both the new person trying to figure out where to start as well as an established blogger. The WordPress Book is very well written and has photos to help explain things and makes it very easy to read and learn.

The author Dany Byrne is also an owner of the Web Sellers’ Circle along with Cindy Shebley. This WordPress Book is a free download along with all the other information on the site if you are a member.

You can join Web Sellers’ Circle for a monthly or yearly fee that includes this book and all the other befits including a great discussion board. Your money would be well spent here in learning all aspects of online entrepreneurship.

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  1. Kat Simpson says:

    Thanks for telling me about this – can’t wait to check it out

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