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I have to admit at times I have been both very happy and very unhappy with selling on  eBay. I started there in 2003 at my husband’s urging actually since I already had a business and really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I still remember the first item I listed and it sold and then I was hooked. I know that actually listing that first one item and having it sell made a huge difference in deciding to list something else for me. I have been a race fan all my life and the item I listed was a collectible beer bottle bank for Dale Earnhardt Jr I had been given and since I really wasn’t a fan of his I wanted it to go and that is how I started on eBay. I know each and every person has the same type of story and I bet just about everyone remembers the first thing they sold.

I have always done this part time and have dealt with having a store and shutting it down and reopening it. I have read books, blogs, email, etc on how and what to do on eBay and dealing with oh so many changes over the years. I think most every eBay seller has both good and bad times with eBay and I wondered if you are still an eBay seller?

I am and plan to continue and I am happy with my sales and looking forward to the holiday selling season. I think like anything in life there are many who sell and are happy and there are also those that are unhappy and also those that have left.

In the world of business and especially ecommerce it is ever changing and in order to survive you have to change and adapt all the time. This is often not easy for some and that makes for problems. I know I for one miss the old days of eBay when almost anything sold with bidding wars. The fact that they are not as common means that those of us that sell there need to figure out how to adept and keep getting sales.

I don’t want anyone to think that at times I wanted to completely leave eBay and go elsewhere and for awhile I listed on a lot of other places. I have learned with the help of some very good people on how to make eBay work for me.

Read tomorrow’s post and learn 2 very good things to help any eBay seller.

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  1. Trish says:

    Another great post, Deb! I am an eBay seller. I started as a buyer and tried selling as an experiment. It was fun, so I continued. I have had highs and lows; the eBay changes usually come with an adjustment period, and that is my least favorite part of selling at eBay. But — my buyers are great and it is fun to hunt for treasures to sell.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you I always appreciate comments.

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