30 Day Blog Post Challenge


Have you ever wanted to do something but needed some incentive to accomplish your goal? I enjoy blogging but life gets in the way and it is often hard to stick to a schedule. I blog occasionally but really wanted to do this more often or at least on a regular basis.

A friend of mine saw this blog challenge and wondered if I would like to try it. This is a challenge to blog every day for the Month of June. The only requirement is to write at least 150 words. This is pretty easy for me once I get started it has always been just getting started. This is my second post and I am hoping to accomplish all 30 days but plan to take one day at a time.

I tend to write short posts anyway rather then really long ones but I soon realized it doesn’t take very long to get to 150 words.  I stopped and counted my words and I have reached that number all ready. I haven’t counted words in something I wrote for years and it brought back memories of doing homework as a kid.

This challenge has helped me today to write a post before heading out for the day when normally I would just do it later and then later never seems to get here.

If you would like to take this challenge you can and see if you can blog for 30 days. I think this will be a great help to myself in blogging. Why don’t you try it?


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  1. suzanne says:

    Good for you. you always have good blog topics. Have fun with your challenge!

  2. Kathy Moretti says:

    I have some of these Photos too and Yes I`ve wondered who they were and why their photos wind up in an auction box ..

    Great Blog.

    • Deb Becker says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I am glad I am not the only one that thinks like this. In a way it is sad to wonder how they ended up in an auction box.

      Thanks for the nice compliment.

  3. Kat Simpson says:

    I joined for the motivation too, Deb – let’s hope we both form the good habit of blogging daily!

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