Yard Sale Season is Upon Us



The weather has finally gotten better after all the snow we had this winter and spring has arrived . This is my favorite time of year not only for the spring weather and flowers but also the yard sales.  There are many names for these sales including garage sales, tag sales, rummage sales etc but they all mean hunting for treasures. The best part of being an online collectible seller is the hunt for items to sell and also looking for treasures for myself. In our area some people run them on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or a combination of days.

I try to stop at as many yard sales on Friday as I can. The first day is usually the best and there is less people at them since most people are at work and can’t stop on Friday’s. I also go to yard sales on Sat and Sunday too since even if you are not the first one at at yard sale there are often bargains to be found. I know many people think that the best bargains are gone in the first hour but that is not always true if you know what you are looking at. There are also many people that know about certain items and can walk right past something that someone else knows would sell for good money.

I stop at any yard sales around on Friday but usually there are not that many. Then my wonderful husband will go through Friday’s paper and highlight the rest for me. Sat morning involves getting up early and out the door and on my way. I like to come prepared with a route mapped out using the paper and also seeing what they have listed. I wear comfortable shoes and plan on most of the morning to be out and about. I also have my phone with my camera that comes in handy when wondering about an item. I have been known to phone a friend who is a glass expert and sent a picture before I bought that item.

Then usually home in time for lunch after a fun morning. There are days when I come home with very little and then days when I come home with the truck loaded. The best part is you never know what you will find at a yard sale.

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