My World is Encased In Ice


This must have been one of the biggest storms to hit the United States since almost every state has been affected. There was rain, sleet and snow in fact 9 states had blizzard conditions last night to prove that Mother Nature has the upper hand. I have always loved the weather and the fact is it’s the one thing that man has never been able to control. We can study it and track it and prepare for it and then just hang on for the ride.

Here is Pa I woke up to no electric about 4 am and at least an inch of ice covering everything. We are lucky to have our wood stove and I really appreciate it on a morning like this. The kitchen was soon toasty warm as I woke hubby up for work. Then by candle light and battery operated lanterns he got ready. I made a cup of tea on the wood stove and then slid out the door to start the truck to melt off the ice.

Everything was a solid sheet of ice and the truck ran for 20 minutes and still we had to do some scraping to get all the ice off. He headed off to work and about an hour later our electric came on but it has been going on and off all morning as they are working on the lines.

I took a look along side of the house and was amazed at all the icicles hanging on the siding. This is a sight I don’t see very often row after row of tiny icicles hanging down. The house was completely covered like this.

 Mornings like this make me appreciate the simple things like my wood stove and being able to stay warm and eat hot food.As I slid out towards the driveway to get the newspaper this willow tree was completely covered in ice. I stood there just listening and you could hear the freezing rain hitting the branches and adding more layers to the ice.

I know many are dealing with these conditions and worse so I wish that everyone stays warm and safe as they face the day ahead.

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  1. Dany says:

    I know it can be terrible to deal with – but it is so beautiful to see. Please be careful driving on icy roads, though. Dany

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