A Winter Wonderland


We are all so busy with our lives it seems that we never have any time to really stop and catch our breath. I like so many others are pulled in a million directions each and every day and then it happens the world stops for just a bit. I am trying to keep up with everything listing items on eBay, Twitter, Facebook  plus everything thing else that happens in a normal day around here. I know just about everyone feels there aren’t enough hours in our day and of course we are never done.

Then it happens the weather man is calling for snow and it looks like a lot. So we all make a made dash to the grocery store since heaven forbid we run out of chips or ice cream  and come home and wait. We all have things we do before that big snow comes and since we have a woodstove bringing wood in is first on my list. Then we wait.

There are many times as we all know the weather man is wrong but this storm here is PA was not one of them. Even though man truly can’t predict Mother Nature at times he comes pretty close. All reports said we were looking at 10 to 18 inches this time and as we look out the window it starts.

This time it started as darkness fell and it snowed all night. As the night wore on I would turn on the light and check and just watch the snow coming down and covering the yard. So with the winds blowing and snow coming down I headed to bed to see what I would awake to in the morning.

 As the sun came up we awoke to a winter wonderland and as far as one could see everything was covered in snow. I know snow means headaches to many people but you can’t deny in those first quiet minutes in the morning the world stops. I shovel out the back porch and head out to get the paper realizing we got a lot of snow. There were 18 in of snow here in PA.

As I stand there looking around I realize that there is total quiet no cars, no neighbors, no barking dogs just a blanket of white and silence. I took those minutes to treasure that quiet and realize that what man can’t do Mother Nature does. She in her wisdom gives the ground the moisture it needs and stops this crazy world if only for a short time and now if only man could learn to slow his world down and treasure those quiet moments we all would be better off.

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  1. Dany says:

    Thanks for the pictures, Deb. When I was a kid, growing up in NE PA, that’s what I remember winter always looking like! There must have been some snow free days, but I loved it when there was 2 feet of snow on the ground and nothing but the sound of your boots crunching as you trudged through the drifts.


    • admin says:


      You are right I love those days and we are having one of those winters this year. It is hard to explain a day like this unless you have experienced it. I know that is one thing I would miss if I moved south the change of seasons.


  2. John Ziemba says:

    Seeing those pictures reminds me of living in NY as a kid. It’s been years since I have seen the beauty of a winter wonderland. But I can remember it. The crunch of my boots on frozen snow & drifts. The absolute quiet and blinding beauty.

    I still recall the last snowfall I saw back in 1975. The beauty of the snow angeling in. It was wonderful.

    Thx for these posts Deb. God sure paints a wonderful palate. And winter was and still is my favorite time of year.

  3. admin says:

    Hi John,

    So glad you enjoyed the pictures and the memories. When I go outside on a snowy morning it has always seemed to me the world stops and it is Mother Nature at her best. The way this winter has been so far I know I am going to see some more days like this.


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