Where does the time go?


I can’t believe it is already October 14 and I haven’t posted to my blog since Aug 11. I have had good intentions and kept meaning to post but the days just seemed to get away from me. I can tell you that I have been busy listing on Ebay and Amazon every day and I have been seeing sales go up which is certainly a good thing.

I think it’s very easy to lose track of time when you are on the computer. The big problems is there are so many things to spend your time on and of course Facebook and Twitter are two that come to mind.

Here is just one of the many items I have listed and I am listing more every day. I sell mainly one of a kind unique vintage items and have quite a few racing items I will be listing.

This is filled with pages of cars, drivers and information on all different types of racing including Nascar, USAC, URC and more. This has a lot of racing history in these pages and from a time when racing was different then it is today.

So just a quick post for today but I am already planning my next post so stay tuned.

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