Do You Use Social Networking?


Spending a week at the beach gave me a chance to take a lot of pictures. I was out one morning taking a walk on the beach and snapped this picture and it made me think about social networking. These seagulls know all about social networking and are often seen in groups up and down the beach.

We all know by now that social networking is important in both the brick and motor world and online. How do you decide where to spend your time and what social networking sites do you use?

There certainly are both good and not so good sides to each one and we have to decide what ones work for us. I vote for Twitter as my first choice and enjoy being part of that social network. I have met a great group of people on Twitter and both enjoy my friends there and also networking for business.

I decided to look into LinkedIn and have been spending some time there learning the ropes. I know each site has it’s own learning curve and it is good to figure that out in the beginning. I also have both a online business and a brick and mortar business and have been looking into using LinkedIn for both.

I believe like these seagulls we need to band together and one way to do that is by using social networking.

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