Do You Realize How Precious Your Time Is?


Our lives center around a 24 hour day and we each have the same amount of time. Today’s world is filled with technology and wasn’t that suppose to make our lives easier? Do you think managing your time is any easier with a computer then it was without one? I love the computer but I know it hasn’t made my life easier just different in so many ways.

We live in the age of the computer now and our lives both business and personal are tied to that machine. The trick is learning how to manage your computer time with your non computer time. This is often easier said then done for many people especially online entrepreneurs. We work at home which makes it even harder to walk away from the computer but everyone really needs to find that balance.

Our businesses are the computer and we spend hours writing, listing, advertising and of course social networking. The list never ends and email is a whole other post. How often have you sat at that computer reading just one more email and an hour has gone by before you realize it? I think we have all been there done that at one time or another.

The first thing you have do is realize how precious time really is and how you spend it. Then work towards achieving a balance on how you want to spend your time. Remember we are all unique and we all need to learn to balance our 24 hours. There is no right or wrong answer on how you decide to spend those 24 hours just remember the word balance.

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