Does Your Life Have Balance?


I love the computer and the fact that the world is at my fingertips and yet yes I hate the computer. Have you ever felt that way and admitted it or at least felt that way and refuse to admit it? You can guess by that statement I grew up before the computer became ingrained in our lives and I am glad I did. I hate to admit it but there are times I just need to turn it off and get away.

Of course I never turn it off to long since I am an online entrepreneur and love Twitter and Facebook. My life is in that computer as are many of my friends and I can’t go to long without checking in.

I need to find a balance of doing all the things I need to do on the computer and yet have time to spend in my life offline. That is another scary thought but I do have an offline life do you?

The amazing thing about computers and the Internet is they never stop and a good example is email. I never get caught up and even when I think I am the next time I turn on the computer there is a ton more mail to go through. I love email and would feel unloved if I didn’t get any but need to find that balance.

I work every day to find that balance and wonder do you?

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