Do You Ever Feel Like You Live Two Different Lives?


I get up every morning and the first thing I do is turn on the computer and check email and the sites I sell on and that is usually the last thing I do at night before I shut off the computer. Have you ever thought how different our lives are today because of the computer? I grew up before computers (Oh No) and yes had a very full life. Then the computer came along and now it seems like it has taken over our lives. Do you ever feel like you have both a real life and a computer life?

I always wonder how people deal with this on a daily basis. We all have lives involving so much and now we all have a computer life. I love my computer life and my computer friends who are all very special to me. I often think how different my world would be without the friendships I have developed on the computer. I try on a daily basis to pay attention to my real life as much as my computer life

I think now in the world of Internet phones, laptops, netbooks etc we can go 24/7 and be connected to the Internet if we choose. I know for myself I need some balance and at times actually shut off the computer. I know that is probably hard to people to believe especially kids who have grown up with the computer. Do you shut your computer off or are you connected all the time?

There are so many good points to the Internet including making money from home but some days it seems it can take over your life and you forget all about time and everything else.

The one amazing thing  is with email it just never stops. We all get mail once a day at our homes but email just never stops and I keep thinking just let me read one more or check one more thing before I shut the computer off.

I imagine I feel this way because I grew up without a computer as a kid and wondered if anyone else feels this way? I think realizing the feeling of two different lives is  one way to help to keep it in check. We all need to pay as much attention to our personal relationships and lives as we do the computer and I think we all will be able to make this work.

How do you maintain a balance between your real life and computer life?

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  1. Well I grew up without a computer too – I think we all get “addicted”. Then it’s up to us to pull away, get up, and walk outside. I used to ahve a goal to shut down by 7 every night. UMMM might be time to bring that back and enforce it.


  2. Trish says:

    Great post and great reminder. I am usually connected all the time and I need to turn the computer off more!!

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