My Way of Dealing with the Heat


It looks like it is going to hit 100 degrees here in PA and it has been in the 90’s this week so how different can 100 be? I know we all deal with the weather and it affects some more then others. Do you like the hot weather or prefer the cold?

I think it is human nature to complain about the weather we have and always wish for what we don’t have. I know many people now are complaining about the heat yet it wasn’t that long ago that we were shoveling snow and wishing for those hot summer days.

I thought I would start my day off looking at this picture and reminding myself why I am happy to see the weather today. When it is hot you can always head for the air conditioning and a cold drink but if you check out the picture above you will remember that this snow all has to be shoveled.

Taking a minute to realize what we have today and are thankful for can be a great way to start the day.

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  1. Elise says:

    I really like that. Nice inspiration for appreciating the nasty heat. Shoveling is much worse for sure. Ha!

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