Is Your Computer Running Your Life?


We all love our computers am I right? Just for a minute stop and really think about that and ask your self is your computer running your life? I am using the word computer loosely here it could be your Ipad, Iphone or any device you use to connect to the Internet. I can remember when I was told the computer would make my life easier and basically do away with paper and wonder if that has happened in your home or office? I highly doubt it and I know it hasn’t in mine.

Don’t get me wrong I love my computer and the Internet has put the world at my fingertips.  I love being able to sell online and all my friends but is there a point where you are online more then you are off? Think about this what is the first thing you do when you get up? I like most check email, facebook, twitter etc but we all connect online before even thinking of dealing with our family. It is hard to admit but it’s true in my house and I think it is true for many others.

I was lucky to grow up without a computer and I wouldn’t want to change that. I appreciate many things that I think I would have missed growing up if I was able to be online. I think in a way today the kids are missing so much sitting in front of a screen instead of learning real world skills but that is a post for another day.

As the world of Internet devices has gotten smaller and we carry them with us constantly do you even realize that you are basically connected to the Internet 24/7? I realized this when I went from a laptop to a netbook which I love. The netbook went everywhere with me and then one day I realized what was happening. I would be talking to a family member and having one eye on the computer just in case. LOL I think now what is the just in case that was so important I couldn’t give my full attention to the person I was talking to. I also began to watch people with internet phones and saw the same thing happening. When did texting and talking to a person need to be done at the same time? It also made me stop and think how that person felt when it seemed no one really gives their full attention to anyone anymore. I know there are times it is good to multi-task but in the world of personal relationships I think it is wrong.

So take a minute and really look at your life and your computer is yours running or life?

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  1. John Ziemba says:

    Well, not quite all, but it’s close LOL.

    I agree that computers and other devices can become an easy substitute for personal interaction with people. I also grew up in a world where there were no computers. As a kid I was constantly outdoors, working on my uncle’s farm or exploring the miles of woods surrounding us.

    Today we’ve lost that sense of being in touch with nature and the wonders God has created. Being connected 24/7 means that we never have a quiet moment for ourselves to think & reflect, or to spend quality time with loved ones.

    There’s a solution to this dilemma – just turn the darn things off! It’s easy to do but won’t be painless to do.

    After many months or years of connectivity, taking a step back will be difficult. But do so at least periodically. Take a breath, and realize that there’s more to life than microchips and social media sites. Besides, we we really have to know what you had for lunch or did this morning, do we? I don’t think so.

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      You are right about it not being painless but I think we all need to find that balance in our lives between the Internet and real life relationships. I think that those of us who grew up before computers were part of our life have an advantage of seeing both sides of this issue. The kids today really don’t know what it is like to live without a computer.

      I agree completely that the computer has taken the place of those quiet reflective moments and it can be changed if people realize it is happening.

      Thanks for the great comment.

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