I have loved books all my life and some of my happiest memories are of my mom reading to me as a child. Then as I learned to read she would patiently sit with me and I would read to her. This always brings back wonderful memories of my mom and growing up. I wonder if children today will have these memories like I do.

Kids today are so bombarded with computers, video games, wii’s, cell phones and more I often wonder if they will ever know the joy of reading. My grand daughter has put my mind at ease this morning when I went to pick her up to take her to school.  She is 7 and I have learned it is better to wait in the car then go inside to get her to school on time.

I sat there watching her come out the door and down the sidewalk all the time with the book she was reading open as she walked along. She was reading a good book and didn’t want to put it down and was reading as she walked. I knew at that moment that she will always know the joy of reading in spite of all the modern technology in her life. She got in the car and started to tell me all about her book and how good it was. If you are not a reader it will be hard to understand how happy and proud I felt at that moment. 

I hope she will always know the joy of turning off all the electric gadgets in her life and getting lost in a good book. The world is at our fingertips on the computer but there is another world a person experiences when reading a book. Readers have a great imagination that I think we lose when using a computer.

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